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Talking About Brexit with Andrew Stuttaford

“So far as the original founders are concerned, the journey [of European integration] continues. The problem is it is not what most British people thought they were signing up for.” ____Andrew Stuttaford. Andrew Stuttaford is a British-born contributing editor at … Continue reading

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Demography, the Global Emergency

It is not an exaggeration to say that world demographics are entering uncharted territory. For the first time in a very long time, perhaps the first time ever, the dependency ratios (loosely, the ratio of dependents to workers) of all … Continue reading

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On Greece Demographics

Of all major regions of the world, Europe has the most challenging demographics, combining a stagnant population and a rising dependency ratio. But within Europe, five countries have worse demographics than the European average: Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

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The BRIC and I

The growth prospects of Brazil, Russia and China are dimming, while those of India are flaring. If one is a lonely number, then ‘I’ could be a lonely letter, at least when it comes to the ‘I’ of the BRIC countries. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Populations in 1950, 2013 and 2050

16 December 2014 A useful chart from The Economist relaying the same information that we posted a week ago. Note the absence of European countries from the 2050 list. See also Demography Charts – 1 and Demography Charts – 2  

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European GDP: What Went Wrong

First the two world wars, then a decline in the birth rate. Newspapers these days are full of stories on World War I which started 100 years ago. They are also full of stories on today’s anemic European economy, as for … Continue reading

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Euro: Austerity, Breakup or Devaluation?

In a new book, Nomura’s lead currency strategist warns that the Euro is on an unsustainable path. “I wrote this book because I care about Europe”, writes Jens Nordvig in the preface to The Fall of the Euro. European by birth … Continue reading

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Europe: Was (Is) It Worth The Trouble?

No for indexers. Yes for macro trend investors. Maybe (but probably not) for bottom-up stock pickers. European stocks face a unique situation, which is that, outside of the rolling debt crises from Ireland to Iceland to Greece to Spain, their performance … Continue reading

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UK Census 2011: Population Rises 7% to 63.2 Million

HENRY TAYLOR writes in the TELEGRAPH: In total the population of the United Kingdom is estimated at 63.2 million, an increase of 4.1 million (nearly 7 per cent) since the 2001 Census, and 21.1 million (50 per cent) since the … Continue reading

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Bulgaria: Population Decline Continues

Bulgaria’s population has been in decline since 1988.  The country faces a demographic challenge resulting from a high rate of emigration towards other EU countries and from the aging of its remaining population. From QUEST (BULGARIA): The population of Bulgaria has been in … Continue reading

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