To advance governance and wealth creation at the local and country levels, through an offering of data-centric facts and analyses.


What we do: We address the question of what makes some places more peaceful and more prosperous than others. We explain the complex structures underlying governance and wealth creation. We provide the tools for improved governance and faster wealth creation.

Why we do it: Changing demographics and rising cronyism in many parts of the world have created new challenges. We need a better understanding of governance and wealth.

How we do it: We are nonpartisan. We provide fact-based and data-based research, opinion, and tools for implementation. In support of these efforts, we publish the weekly Wednesday Briefs.


populyst is not about populism but was at first mainly about demographics. The word populyst is a contraction of ‘population analyst’. Today, the scope of the site is broader and it publishes research and opinion on the three pillars of wealth creation:

  • Innovation & Productivity
  • Demographics & Health
  • Governance & Society

populyst articles and research have appeared in multiple US and foreign publications including New Geography, Foreign Affairs, National Review, Quillette, L’Express and others.

For inquiries or comments, email populyst[dot]net[at]gmail[dot]com.

The purpose of populyst is:

  • To apply the three pillars to macroeconomics and investing.
  • To source and develop local information on the three pillars.
  • To promote the populyst index as a measure of a country’s or company’s economic health and as a basis for comparison and competition.
  • To create and promote country and corporate benchmarks for wealth creation.
  • To raise awareness of the global demographic emergency.
  • To source and to develop hard data in pursuit of these efforts.

populyst was founded by Sami Joseph Karam. See full bio on LinkedIn. Twitter @sami_karam.


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For more information, listen to Sami’s presentation in the podcast below. If the player fails to start, access it directly on SoundCloud here.

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