populyst is not about populism but was at first mainly about demographics. The word populyst is a contraction of ‘population analyst’. Today, the scope of the site is broader and it publishes research and opinion on the three pillars of wealth creation:

  • Innovation & Productivity
  • Demographics & Health
  • Governance & Society

populyst articles and research have appeared in multiple US and foreign publications including New Geography, Foreign Affairs, National Review, L’Express and others.

For inquiries or comments, email populyst[dot]net[at]gmail[dot]com. Sorry but we do not accept submissions.

The purpose of populyst is:

  • To apply the three pillars to macroeconomics and investing.
  • To source and develop local information on the three pillars.
  • To promote the populyst index™ as a measure of a country’s or company’s economic health and as a basis for comparison and competition.
  • To create and promote country and corporate benchmarks for wealth creation.
  • To raise awareness of the global demographic emergency.
  • To source and to develop hard data in pursuit of these efforts.

populyst was founded by Sami J. Karam. See full bio on LinkedIn. Twitter @sami_karam.

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For more information, listen to Sami’s presentation in the podcast below. If the player fails to start, access it directly on SoundCloud.

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