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Capitalism Did Not Win the Cold War

This article first appeared at Foreign Affairs. Why cronyism was the real victor. When the Soviet Union collapsed 26 years ago, it was generally agreed that the West had won the Cold War. This was affirmed by the prosperity and … Continue reading

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The Futility of Annual Top 10 Predictions

In every recent year, a black swan event has made top 10 lists appear quaintly naive and unimaginative. Our list is probably no better. This time of year, top 10 predictions are all the rage. These lists can be interesting and entertaining but how useful are … Continue reading

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Rise of the Rest: A Vision Deferred

Changing demographics and the commodities crash have slowed down the development of poorer countries. Perhaps it all started with a turn in China’s demographics. Demand growth for commodities has declined sharply from recent years and has resulted in a crash of global prices. Copper is … Continue reading

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Working Age Population Around the World 1960-2050

A fast growing economy usually requires a growing working-age population.  It is informative in this regard to look at the size of the working-age population (wap) for different regions and countries of the world. This data, compiled from the UN’s World … Continue reading

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The Candidates’ Other Demographic Challenge

It is massively larger than 11 million illegals. Hans Rosling, co-founder of Gapminder, calls it “the biggest change of our time”. It is Africa’s population growth from 1 billion people today to 2.5 billion by 2050 and 4 billion by 2100. … Continue reading

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The BRIC and I

The growth prospects of Brazil, Russia and China are dimming, while those of India are flaring. If one is a lonely number, then ‘I’ could be a lonely letter, at least when it comes to the ‘I’ of the BRIC countries. … Continue reading

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Demography Charts – 1

13 November 2014 Below are charts of country and regional dependency ratios. First some definitions: The total dependency ratio is the ratio of the population aged 0-14 and 65+ to the population aged 15-64. They are presented as number of … Continue reading

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Russia’s Population is Growing For The First Time Since The Early 1990’s

MARK ADOMANIS writes at FORBES: I’ve written numerous times before about the sharp improvement in Russia‘s demographic indicators through the first half of 2012 and the fact that the country was likely to experience natural population growth. However I had … Continue reading

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Forbes: Russian Demography and the Difficulty of Prediction

MARK ADOMANIS, ‘The Russia Hand’ at FORBES who has recently highlighted an improvement in Russian demographics, writes today: While perusing the always-excellent Beyond BRICS, a site which I strongly recommend to anyone with an interest in Russia and Eastern Europe, I … Continue reading

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BMW, Louis Vuitton, Swatch: Can the Boom Continue?

Diamonds are forever. What about growth in the luxury sector? A few months after Porsche teamed up with RIM to offer the Porsche Blackberry, Tonino Lamborghini recently announced the introduction of three gold plated cell phones (priced $1,850 to $2,750) … Continue reading

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