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A Different Kind of Border Wall

To slow mass migration, stop the illicit capital flight from poor to rich countries. An asset manager called ____ Capital recently sent out this email seeking referrals: The US Investor visa program allows one to invest $500,000 U.S. in a … Continue reading

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How Many People Will Live in Africa in 2050 and 2100?

Large declines in fertility will depend on raising female literacy above 80%. Every few years, the United Nations Population Division releases demographic projections for the entire world and for every country, region and continent. Although the UN’s database is the most used source on demographics, … Continue reading

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The Case for Agricultural ETFs: A Conversation with Sal Gilbertie

“It is really important to have ags in your portfolio. Most people have gold and most people have oil. The fact that they don’t have ags is actually quite a mystery.”    Sal Gilbertie, President of Teucrium Funds. TO HEAR THE … Continue reading

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Coach: Ripe for Takeover?

“International sales decreased slightly…” That’s a sentence you do not want to see when you are looking at a company which is viewed by many as a significant player in the booming global luxury goods sector. And yet, there it is, … Continue reading

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Europe: Was (Is) It Worth The Trouble?

No for indexers. Yes for macro trend investors. Maybe (but probably not) for bottom-up stock pickers. European stocks face a unique situation, which is that, outside of the rolling debt crises from Ireland to Iceland to Greece to Spain, their performance … Continue reading

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FT: China’s Working-Age Population Is Shrinking

JOHN MORGAN writes in MONEYNEWS: China’s working-age population actually declined in 2012, a trend that concerns the government and that could have a serious longer-term impact on the world’s second largest economy, according to the Financial Times. China’s population aged … Continue reading

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NIC: Global Trends 2030

The US NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL released a study GLOBAL TRENDS 2030: ALTERNATIVE WORLDS.  The talking points about demographics are as follows: Rapid extensions of life expectancy likely: global deaths from communicable diseases projected to drop by more than 40 percent. Some … Continue reading

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Nepal Population 26 Million

From the HIMALAYAN TIMES: KATHMANDU: The Central Bureau of Statistics, on Monday, released the final result of the 11th National Census and said that Nepal’ population stands at 26,494,505. In the report of National Population and Housing Census 2011 published … Continue reading

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UNFPA State of World Population 2012

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released a report today, State of World Population 2012: By Choice, Not by Chance, in which it calls family planning a human right: “Family planning is a human right. Yet today some 222 million women in … Continue reading

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China Think Tank Calls for End to One-Child Policy

JOSH CHIN writes in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: With China preparing to usher in new leaders, the drumbeat of semi-official support for reform of the country’s controversial family planning policies continues to grow. In the most recent development, a think … Continue reading

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