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Father of the Bernie Sanders Presidency

President Trump’s elite-managed populism opens a path for a more genuine version. On the usual political spectrum, there are left and right, people who call themselves progressive or conservative, socialist/social democrat or capitalist. But these labels seem to mean less today than in the … Continue reading

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Trump Country: Where the Immigrants Aren’t

Trump did best in the states with the lowest percentages of foreign-born residents. “I love the poorly-educated”, gushed Donald Trump after winning the Nevada primary in February. But in the end, what happened in the primary, stayed in the primary. Come … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Will Rise Again

The news media was flattened on November 8th but its recovery has already started. One of the striking features in all the commentary on Facebook about Donald Trump’s victory is the number of times that the words I, me and my appeared in member posts. For example, … Continue reading

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On White Collar Prosecutions, with Jesse Eisinger

“The government no longer has the will and ability to prosecute top corporate executives across a wide variety of major industries.”______ Jesse Eisinger Jesse Eisinger is a senior reporter at ProPublica and a former reporter at the Wall Street Journal. … Continue reading

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Talking About Brexit with Andrew Stuttaford

“So far as the original founders are concerned, the journey [of European integration] continues. The problem is it is not what most British people thought they were signing up for.” ____Andrew Stuttaford. Andrew Stuttaford is a British-born contributing editor at … Continue reading

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The Candidates’ Other Demographic Challenge

It is massively larger than 11 million illegals. Hans Rosling, co-founder of Gapminder, calls it “the biggest change of our time”. It is Africa’s population growth from 1 billion people today to 2.5 billion by 2050 and 4 billion by 2100. … Continue reading

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The Economy’s New Boss: Demographics

The next President will have to contend with unfavorable demographics. An enormous amount of money will be spent in the last few weeks of the Presidential campaign. Each side will promote its candidate and his platform with much passion and conviction. … Continue reading

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Europe: Aging Population Undermines Longer-Maturity Bonds

ANCHALEE WORRACHATE writes in Bloomberg News and highlights the adverse rise of the dependency ratio undermining European debt reduction efforts: The euro-region’s ability to grow its way out of the debt crisis faces a roadblock — an aging population. While … Continue reading

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California Voters Approve Pension Cuts

IAN LOVETT WRITES IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: LOS ANGELES — As Wisconsin residents voted on Tuesday not to recall Gov. Scott Walker — who has become an enemy of labor unions nationwide — two California cities dealt blows of … Continue reading

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CBO: US Entitlements Put Federal Debt on Unsustainable Path

PETER SUDERMAN WRITES IN REASON: The latest long-term budget outlook from the Congressional Budget Office reads like a particularly dark noir: Things start out pretty bad. And then they get worse. “Over the past few years,” the report’s first sentence explains, … Continue reading

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