Talking About Brexit with Andrew Stuttaford

“So far as the original founders are concerned, the journey [of European integration] continues. The problem is it is not what most British people thought they were signing up for.” ____Andrew Stuttaford.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.15.53 AMAndrew Stuttaford is a British-born contributing editor at National Review and a frequent writer on British and European topics. In recent months, he has been an advocate of ‘Brexit’, the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. A few days before the June 23rd referendum, Stuttaford explains the factors that made him increasingly wary of further European integration. Read more

Scotland: 2011 Population Increase Largest in 50 Years

According to a report released today by the General Register Office for Scotland, Scotland’s population rose by 32,700 to 5,254,800 in the year ended in June 2011. A Scottish government spokeswoman said: “This year’s net population increase is the highest we have seen for more than 50 years and demonstrates that our hard work to grow Scotland’s population to support economic growth is paying off.”

Access the General Register Office’s News Release and Full Report.