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Future Hubs of Africa and Asia

On UN projections between 2015 and 2050, the world population will grow by nearly 2.38 billion people, from 7.35 billion to 9.73 billion. Although this 32% growth is a big increase, it marks a slowdown from the 66% growth rate … Continue reading

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Learning from Medellín with Alejandro Echeverri

“I think, if you want to write a new narrative at some specific moment in the story of a city, it is important that you have to feel the transformation and see the transformation. So the physical transformation is important … Continue reading

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In One Chart: Achieving the Demographic Dividend

The experience of China provides a useful policy template for countries with booming populations in south and southeast Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa. The Chinese boom showed that a growing working-age population combined with a declining fertility ratio can result in a large demographic dividend if certain conditions … Continue reading

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How Many People Will Live in Africa in 2050 and 2100?

Large declines in fertility will depend on raising female literacy above 80%. Every few years, the United Nations Population Division releases demographic projections for the entire world and for every country, region and continent. Although the UN’s database is the most used source on demographics, … Continue reading

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FT: China Faces End of ‘Migrant Miracle’

The Financial Times describes China’s changing demographics in this new video. Two important changes are a reversal in the dependency ratio (previously discussed here on this site) and a slowdown or end to the ‘migrant miracle’.

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Why Investors Are Into Africa

LAURA DU PREEZ writes in PERSONAL FINANCE: The demographic trend in Africa’s favour is that much of its young and growing population will move to urban areas in the near future. Increasingly, the case for investing in Africa is made … Continue reading

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USA: Will Property Prices Need a Crutch as the Population Ages?

MARK HESCHMEYER at the COSTAR GROUP writes: There has been much speculation that single-family housing prices could take a hit as increasing numbers of baby boomers downsize and leave larger homes behind as they move into retirement age. That assumption … Continue reading

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Video: ‘Detropia’ Official Trailer

From DETROPIA’s website, by Caroline Libresco: Detroit’s story has encapsulated the iconic narrative of America over the last century— the Great Migration of African Americans escaping Jim Crow; the rise of manufacturing and the middle class; the love affair with … Continue reading

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How Big Should Brisbane Grow?

KATHERINE FEENEY writes in the BRISBANE TIMES: From a ‘big country town’ to the second-fastest-growing region in Australia:  how big is too big for Brisbane? According to estimates used to draft the latest South  East Queensland Regional Plan, substantial growth … Continue reading

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Nine Out of 10 Latin Americans Will Live in Cities by 2050

Region is already the world’s most urbanized, with 80 percent of the population living in cities.  FROM FOX NEWS LATINO: RIO DE JANEIRO –  Almost nine out of every 10 people in Latin America will live in a city by the year … Continue reading

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