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The Relationship Between Fertility and National Income

We all heard that “demography is destiny”. But how many of us truly believe it? If demography was destiny, the world would look very different today. The two demographic giants China and India would be uncontested economic and military powers. The United … Continue reading

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Advocate of Early Detection: Podcast with Cardiologist Dr. Michel Accad

22 April 2015 Cardiologist Michel Accad advocates early testing for detection of heart disease. “We do have very robust technology, non-invasive technology that is simple to use and reliable and that has been established for a long time, to try … Continue reading

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Plans to Tame Kenya’s Exploding Population

The government has plans to reduce the total fertility rate from 4.6 to 2.6 children per woman. EDITH FORTUNATE writes in AFRICA REVIEW: Ann Wafula, 30, patiently waits to see the gynaecologist at Gilead Medical Centre, situated in the upmarket … Continue reading

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India’s Aging Population Vulnerable to Infectious Diseases

SOHINI DAS reports in the BUSINESS STANDARD: As a large number of India’s population moves towards the 50 plus bracket, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Report 2012 shows that in the absence of proper healthcare infrastructure and adult vaccination programmes, … Continue reading

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Africa: Why Investing in Africa’s Youthful Population Can No Longer Wait

BUNMI MAKINWA, Director of the United Nations Population Fund – Africa, argues that “we need to recognise that the demographic dividend is no guarantee, and neither will it occur by itself. This is an opportunity that must be harnessed now … Continue reading

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Ageing in the Twenty-First Century: A Celebration and A Challenge

A new report from the UN Population Fund and advocacy group HelpAge International,  Ageing in the 21st Century: a Celebration and a Challenge, deems that: Population ageing is one of the most significant trends of the 21st century. It has important and … Continue reading

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USA: Long-Term Implications of an Older Population

The NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL released a new report Aging and the Macroeconomy: Long-term Implications of an Older Population. Excerpts of the press release: Population Aging Will Have Long-Term Implications for Economy; Major Policy Changes Needed WASHINGTON — The aging of the U.S. … Continue reading

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Canada: Aging population Fuels Nursing Home Boom

MIKE DE SOUZA writes in the VANCOUVER SUN: The number of seniors living in a collective dwelling such as a nursing home has increased from 285,370 in 2001 to 393,150 in 2011. Canada’s rapidly aging population has prompted a 38 … Continue reading

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UK: Ageing population ‘is leading to crisis in end-of-life care’

STEPHEN ADAMS writes in the UK’s TELEGRAPH: Britain faces a growing crisis in its ability to care for people dying of cancer, dementia and other long-term diseases, doctors are warning. More hospices, care homes and other end-of-life facilities are needed … Continue reading

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USA: Will Property Prices Need a Crutch as the Population Ages?

MARK HESCHMEYER at the COSTAR GROUP writes: There has been much speculation that single-family housing prices could take a hit as increasing numbers of baby boomers downsize and leave larger homes behind as they move into retirement age. That assumption … Continue reading

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