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Cronyism and its Scapegoats

Cronyism destroys trust and assigns the blame to scapegoats of its own creation. Only a fiercely committed left or right-winger would fail to recognize that there is today a social and political divide that does not easily fit within the … Continue reading

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Capitalism Did Not Win the Cold War

This article first appeared at Foreign Affairs. Why cronyism was the real victor. When the Soviet Union collapsed 26 years ago, it was generally agreed that the West had won the Cold War. This was affirmed by the prosperity and … Continue reading

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New York, Two States of Mind

Is New York City helping or holding back Upstate New York? Towards the end of times, when all of mankind congregates in a final purgatory to draw the main lessons of this grand adventure called Life, there will be special attention … Continue reading

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Manhattan Ultra-Luxury ‘Battling the Serpent of Chaos’

The deceleration of China and resulting commodities crash have created a problem for developers of ultra luxury condominiums. The ancient Egyptians believed that the sky was a solid dome, the belly of the goddess Nut who arched her body from one side of the … Continue reading

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Manhattan Real Estate: A Conversation with Lisa Larson

14 April 2015 Sami Karam speaks with Manhattan’s Lisa Larson, a licensed associate real estate broker with Warburg Realty and a REBNY Deal of the Year award recipient. Topics include the state of the residential market and the boom in supertall … Continue reading

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WSJ: For Creative Cities, the Sky Has Its Limit

RICHARD FLORIDA WRITES IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: It’s not enough to build tall if people aren’t thrown together to interact—just look at Shanghai vs. New York. Ours is the century of the city. For the first time in history, … Continue reading

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Video: Manhattan in Motion

Manhattan is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, at nearly 70,000 residents per square mile. It is home to 1.6 million people, out of a total of 8.2 million in all of New York City.

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New York Times: US Public Pensions are Underfunded

MARY WILLIAMS WALSH AND DANNY HAKIM WRITE IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: Few investors are more bullish these days than public pension funds. While Americans are typically earning less than 1 percent interest on their savings accounts and watching their 401(k) balances … Continue reading

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