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Future Hubs of Africa and Asia

On UN projections between 2015 and 2050, the world population will grow by nearly 2.38 billion people, from 7.35 billion to 9.73 billion. Although this 32% growth is a big increase, it marks a slowdown from the 66% growth rate … Continue reading

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Report: Africa’s Demographic Transition, Dividend or Disaster?

A recent report published jointly by the World Bank and by Agence Française de Développement highlights the challenge of realizing Africa’s promised demographic dividend. The title Africa’s Demographic Transition: Dividend or Disaster? (see footnote 1) sums up the authors’ thesis that the dividend is … Continue reading

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South Africa: Population Increases to 51.8 Million People

From ALLAFRICA.COM: Stats SA today released Census 2011 results, showing that the country’s population grew to 51.8 million people. The Census of 2001 put South Africa’s population at 44.8 million people, and the 2011 Census returned a count of 51.8 … Continue reading

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