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Should Children Vote?

The rising cost of entitlements will test inter-generational harmony. In the week following the Brexit vote, a recurrent complaint from the losing side was that a majority of older people voted to leave while a majority of younger people voted to remain. … Continue reading

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USA: Proposal for Social Security Reform and Medicare Modernization

The BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE, an association of CEO’s of leading US companies released proposals to reform Social Security and Medicare.  Among its recommendations  are an increase of the Social Security retirement age from 67 to 70 and means-testing of Social Security … Continue reading

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Accenture: Majority of People Globally are Worried About Post-Retirement Finances

ACCENTURE, the global consultancy, has issued a REPORT and 15-country survey on people’s attitudes toward their post-retirement finances.  Among its key findings: A majority of people globally are worried about outliving their money at retirement Only about one in six people … Continue reading

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California Voters Approve Pension Cuts

IAN LOVETT WRITES IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: LOS ANGELES — As Wisconsin residents voted on Tuesday not to recall Gov. Scott Walker — who has become an enemy of labor unions nationwide — two California cities dealt blows of … Continue reading

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New York Times: US Public Pensions are Underfunded

MARY WILLIAMS WALSH AND DANNY HAKIM WRITE IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: Few investors are more bullish these days than public pension funds. While Americans are typically earning less than 1 percent interest on their savings accounts and watching their 401(k) balances … Continue reading

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