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The Mainstream Media Will Rise Again

The news media was flattened on November 8th but its recovery has already started. One of the striking features in all the commentary on Facebook about Donald Trump’s victory is the number of times that the words I, me and my appeared in member posts. For example, … Continue reading

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Oil Spread: Fourth Decline in Six Months

Since our last post, and much as predicted by three previous declines in the last six months, the WTI-Brent has collapsed again from $9 to $4.50. There is increasing talk of removing the ban on US oil exports. In particular, … Continue reading

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USA: Proposal for Social Security Reform and Medicare Modernization

The BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE, an association of CEO’s of leading US companies released proposals to reform Social Security and Medicare.  Among its recommendations  are an increase of the Social Security retirement age from 67 to 70 and means-testing of Social Security … Continue reading

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CBO: US Entitlements Put Federal Debt on Unsustainable Path

PETER SUDERMAN WRITES IN REASON: The latest long-term budget outlook from the Congressional Budget Office reads like a particularly dark noir: Things start out pretty bad. And then they get worse. “Over the past few years,” the report’s first sentence explains, … Continue reading

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