South Sudan Has Fourth Highest Infant Mortality Rate in Africa

AN ARTICLE ON ALLAFRICA.COM states that South Sudan is facing a severe health crisis due to a 98% decline in government revenue after the country’s oil production was shut down.

Juba — South Sudan has the fourth highest infant mortality rate in Africa according to a report published by the African Development Banks last month.

Reacting to the banks Africa Development Report, which included South Sudan for the first time, Health Minister Michael Milly Hussein said his ministry was sparing no efforts to improve basic health services but was quick to point out that the country is “being caught up” between competing priorities.

Loosing 98% of government revenue, when South Sudan shutdown oil production due to a transit fee argument with Khartoum has meant that services in health and other areas are having to be cut back.

Despite this period of austerity minister said a lot of efforts were being exerted to “improve basic health services” in collaboration with development partners. READ MORE.