GCC population to soar by 30% by 2020

GCC countries are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

SHEHAB AL MAKAHLEH writes in GULF NEWS (via Zawya.com):

Abu Dhabi: The GCC population will soar by 30 per cent to 53.5 million people who will form an increasing strain on the region’s supplies of electricity, food and water, a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed.

“By 2020, the GCC population is forecast to reach 53.5 million, a 30 per cent increase over the level in 2000. Over the same period, the region’s real GDP is expected to grow by 56 per cent and the nominal GDP, which was US$341.6bn in 2000, is forecast to soar to over US$1 trilion in 2010 and US$2 trillion in 2020,” the report showed.  READ MORE.