Does U.S. Population Bust Spell Fiscal Doom?


Some news that gets little attention can have a big impact down the road. Case in point: U.S. population growth this year hit its lowest rate in decades. And no, this isn’t a good thing.

Population-control extremists are no doubt dancing a jig on word that the U.S. rate of growth was 0.74% in the most recent year, slowest since World War II (see chart). From the end of the 2010 census ended April 1 to July 1 of this year, we added just 2.8 million people, for a total of 311.6 million.

The reasons for this are many. Immigration, for one, has slowed considerably. Of more importance, however, Americans are having fewer babies, just 3.96 million in 2011, a number that’s expected to decline for years.

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